My current order is not working when i want to set up a new formula in adalo

hey friends i just got an error,when i want to create a custom formula
link for video:
3.89 MB file on MEGA
please helpme out guys its my first startup,it will be a big help
thank you.

Hi @JRehmanSK :wave: :wave:

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I think the Current Order Data is missing from that screen. Go to the screen where you want to add this formula and in that screen go to the Available Data section and check is there a message like Current Order and missing from any other screen. So go to that screen ( the screen shown in the message) and find the link action you have set to this screen ( the screen you are trying to add the formula) and delete it and try to add the formula @JRehmanSK :innocent:

And all the best with your app @JRehmanSK :innocent:

Thank you :+1: :blush:

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