My web app only loads white screen

My web application is opening with a white screen. it was working normally, but today I went to access and only white screen.

It is in the Cname of a website, correctly targeted.

I read some content with people with similar situations, but I couldn’t find a solution.

Hi CNST, is this still happening?

Hi Colin!
I accessed it now and it is opening normally, but I noticed that I make a change in the editing mode, and does not update in the web pp

@Colin @ashley
Hi Colin, I am experiencing the same issue - the app is loading neither in the preview mode on the laptop nor in my phone… It is just a white screen. How is it possible to fix this? Can I continue building the app with this white screen preview or is everything lost? I see all the screens are still there, they are not showing in any of the preview modes only… thanks!

UPDATE: I’ve found the issue. The whole app crushed because of the tab bar (only on 4 screens). They’ve been there since ever and always worked! The same tab bars work on the other screens. As soon as I replaced the 4 not working ones with the other tab bar from another screen the app started working again. Is it a bug? Could you please check? I raised a ticket on this a day ago, but I don’t think I need help at this stage anymore, though if this is a real bug, I believe it should be checked… Thanks!

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