Native iOS navigation?

From a PWA (for now) I need to use the native iOS map app to get directions to a customer. I’m aware of a YouTube video showing how to achieve similar with Google Maps, but this MUST be achieved with the native iOS map app.

On my UI element, I have an action that (from playing around) semi works, but it does not pass the address. When the element is clicked/pressed it does open the native map app, but it doesn’t navigate. No address is passed.



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I know it’s only been 24 hours, but surely someone has experienced this in the past and has a solution?

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Sorry for the delay. :slight_smile:

Did you see this video by @Erik?


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Thanks, but that is the YouTube video I was referring to in my post. Initially, it was a huge help to get SMS/Phone shortcuts working. But, when it comes to navigation/maps the video only uses Google maps. And this solution won’t work for me.

I know its possible as our existing PWA app developed in another platform provides map navigation with the native iOS app.

Btw, it’s afternoon for me. :smiley: :world_map:

You probably can achieve this with a custom component if @Victor @Erik or others haven’t figured it out.

Custom Component Websites: @Michael @minriemacapugay


I have found a working solution. While it’s not perfect, it does what I need.

This is what I’ve used. It does open the iOS native map app and plot a path to the destination as I need.

The downside, when I switch back to my app there is a blank window, I have to click/press Done to close it. This appears to be a Safari browser window.

After I click/press Done, my app is back on the screen I last used.

Interestingly, when I use the same solution on a competitive app, I do not get this blank browser window appearing.

I thought native map navigation would have been a simple component/feature already built into Adalo. Just like playing a sound in a Click Action - but that’s a task for another ticket :slight_smile:

EDIT for clarity.
I found the solution on the Apple Developer documentation. Map Links

The Google Maps linked search only works on PWA for me. On native android apk, it opens google maps but with empty research

@Torrsy for iOS Maps, refer to this article Map Links

If you use a native apple maps URL, it’ll direct the user to open apple maps if they have it.

Thanks for your reply @Erik

That is how I got my (above) solution working, with the Apple Developer documentation. The only downside is the blank Safari page that Adalo displays when I return to my app.

it might not show that blank safari page in the native app. :slight_smile:

Interestingly, I have the same blank page appearing when I use tel:#######.

I have tested the same use of tel: and maps on another (competitive) service and this blank page does not appear in a PWA.

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