Navigation Menu on Android Tablets

Hi! On the android (haven’t tested yet on ios) tablet, the navigation bar is acting strange. It is on the left-hand side. If they have it vertically it works. If they change it to be horizontal, the content goes behind the navigation bar. Any suggestions on how to fix this? It’s working on mobile and the desktop. Thank you!

Can you show me a screenshot of the issue so I can make sure I understand?

Here are the screenshots from a video my friend took. First one looks good but when she turns the tablet you can see the nav bat covers up the content

Ahh I see. You’ll want to make sure it’s set to small size if you want the narrower version on all devices. If you’re in mobile-only mode, you’re going to want to switch to responsive mode to troubleshoot tablet layouts.

It is already set on small side menu. Any other ideas? This is for the tablet. It works fine in mobile.

Can you take a screenshot of what your builder looks like in tablet mode?

Here it is:

Weird! How about on desktop? Maybe it’s a big tablet.

I decided to just put it at the top like it is on mobile - haven’t tested it yet so i’ll let you know! Thank you for your quick responses!

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