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I started using the Real Estate template for my app, and I’m so close to publishing it on the app store! Super exciting stuff… except there’s one problem I can’t figure out. Whenever a user signs up on the app, the app still sends out the “welcome to Giran” email to their email. I have searched through all of the actions attached to the submit buttons and forms, but cannot figure out where this is coming from. Does anyone know how to fix this?


Hi Parker,

Did you check if the signup for has a custom action for email attached to it?

Sure did. Nothing so far.

I think @Shinnawy is the maker who made this app so he might be able to help.

Okay! Hopefully he’ll be able to help. Thanks so much!

It’s been a while so I’m not 100% sure, but it might be on the actions of the actual page itself.

Try that and let me know

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Checked that as well - unfortunately, no luck. I wonder if there’s a way that it’s stuck on the backend? I’m not sure how the API could still be connected though when its not showing as a custom action… very confusing, for sure.

Hi @ParkerJ,

Ok, I guess you’ve faced the bug which is quite rare.
My hypothesis here is that you have a button/element in your app, which was copied from another app from different account. And in that 1st app this button/element had a Custom Action which was attached to it.
Upon copying to a new app to a new account, the Custom Action has disappeared. Though it still kept attached to a button/element. And it is still executed when button is pressed.

I had the same issue (email sending) when I copied the button from the account in one app to another… no custom actions, nothing should happen, but email appears :))

Workaround is simple - try to understand which element triggers the action, and delete it, and create again :slight_smile:

It’d be interesting to know if my hypothesis is correct :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

Ok. I got it.

When the user is on the sign up page - they get re-directed to a blank page “Blank signup tp submit” I think was the nane of it.

On this blank page is where the custom action is. It sends an SMS AND a confirmation email

I checked the blank sign up screen, but the only action there is an action to link to the home screen. I think I’m going to try to recreate these screens from scratch and see if it still sends the email. From what @Victor suggested it seems like that might be a good option since I don’t really know which individual component is causing the issue.

Hi @ParkerJ,

As an advice - when you debug things like this, try to change components one-by-one and run a test after each change. This will help you to understand which exact part was causing the problems.

Based on what @Shinnawy wrote I think that if you recreate the blank screen (delete the screen and add new one), the problem should disappear. But I might be wrong :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor.

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Ahh, yeah I guess that would be best practice for debugging. I’ll keep that in mind - I appreciate the advice! I’ll let you know what the result is after I test it out.

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