Need help to build a quiz feature similar to Duolingo

Hello guys,

I’m trying to add more interactive quiz questions to my app → something similar that Duolingo has done:

Generally user have multiple buttons and it can create an answer.
I’m trying to make simplified version of this in adalo. Here is example: Screen Recording 2021-11-02 at 13.48.37

Generally speaking it works as following.
When page is opened I create “session”. When user clicks the button (which is list of “answer_elements” (ex. “1”) it updates “answer property” in current “session” + adds relation between between “answer_elements” and current “session”. The list of “answer_elements” is filtered so that when user click “answer_elements” button it just disappears.

Now I need to make it somehow refresh. With answer it simple → just change “answer” to null. However I cannot delete all relations between “session” and “answer_elements”>

Do you have any idea how can I solve this problem?

Best regards

Hi Glib,

I think this video by @theadaloguy can help you start the foundation of your app. :slight_smile:


thanks. I’ve used this as a basis for mechanics for basic quizes as well as this quiz mechanics.
The only idea I have right now is that each time a user wants to refresh a quiz it just creates new database entity → but it is extremely not effective. And I see how database can become very big very soon.

You can probably just store the data in an input then.

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