Passing Array objects via API...filtered or otherwise


My user case is a multi tenant SaaS for garage owners. I need to enable them to export out their data - currently not possible within Adalo since users can’t export ‘collections’, so I’m trying to find workaround to send relevant data externally via zapier or integromat. I’m trying to search for Adalo documentation to send an array to external service instead of a single record.

Eg I want to enable a garage owner to export all jobs performed in September from ‘jobs’ collection. Or even let the user apply more/multiple filters in that collection, and send only the filtered records.

I’d like to avoid externally accesing the collection via Adalos collections API and work directly within the Editor as far as possible. Appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks.

There are a lot of tutorials available for passing along a single record (or multiple variables in a single record) from a collection to an external service, but I can’t seem to find the right documentation for passing along multiple records

I’d like to be able to send a set of records (after applying some filters) via Custom Action + integromat / zapier.

Any tutorials or suggestions Adalo @Experts / @Leaders?

Instead of passing records, why do you not rather do a HTTP get all request for the records in a collection?

Thanks for the reply @Colin.

Yes I have considered it. That path would mean I do GET All in integromat, and then filter (or other manipulation) within integromat. It is possible to implement.

But my concern is whether GET will be scalable / future-friendly as number of records increase. So from that perspective I thought if it would be possible to filter records using some variables or parameters in Adalo first, then send limited number of records to integromat as an artificial speed-bump of sorts.

Sorry if it’s confusing, but it’s the limitation of text format in the forum, especially since I haven’t implemented it so I can’t show any screenshots either.

Let me know if I’m thinking along the right path, or if it’s possible at all. Thanks.

I think it’s a perfectly scalable solution still. You can also perform additional filters within Integromat too

Ok thanks Colin I’ll try in integromat