Need help with the Data base in my app

I’m trying to change the name of the products (collection) in my DATABASE, in the products in the DATABASE I have 200, which I delete 1 I can edit everything but 200 is impossible and I have to edit each one and I don’t want to delete and add each time

Hi Nadav @Nadav2006,

Unfortunately you can’t do bulk operations with the records in Adalo database collections.

If you need to change several records from the app itself, there are few possible workarounds:

  • use countdown timer to update records (works for 5…10 records)
  • use API calls to update records. For example, you can create scenario in Make to update many records based on the criteria needed and invoke this scenario from Adalo app using a custom action.

If you need to change several records from a builder, there are not a lot of options - you need to update records one by one. As a workaround you can export CSV, update it in Google Sheets/Excel/etc, and then import CSV back to Adalo.
Of course you need to be careful about not having records duplicated. Keeping relationships also requires attention.

As a side note: I would advise searching on the forum about bulk record updates, this topic has been discussed quite a few times.


Thank you very much Victor, I have one more question
I created a search page with products from the DATABASE. I want that as soon as you click on the product, its page will open, but I can’t do it, can you explain?