Update rows in Collection by "import csv"

Hi All,

more like a “best practices” question:

  • I have a Collection.
  • That Collection contains 7 columns and around 400 rows.
  • One of the columns (it has a numeric value inside) I need to update daily, from another sheet which I have locally and I work with.
  • What would be the best way to run such a daily update?

I was checking the forum and the functionality, it looks like the option “import csv” doesn’t help here, as it adds rows, not updates them, so I feel like the only options are:
a) Update the rows manually, one by one.
b) Place results from my local sheet to Google Sheets first, and then set up a connection between GS and a Collection in Adalo.

Does it so? Is there any other good option anyone could think of?


I’d say external collection with Airtable is what you’re looking for.

There are plenty of tutorial here! :slight_smile:

What I would experiment is to import csv into empty collection, both updated collection and updating collection (from empty collection) need id property to sync, then use batch update using custom list and countdown to do updating.

Importing is manual effort and need some manual check.

Thank you! Already checking this option :slightly_smiling_face:
Though, don’t you think a connection to Google Sheets would be a simpler option for my case? I mean, it’s just 400 rows, not a big deal to copy paste it every day into GS from where it will be then get reflected in my Adalo’s Collection. And no need to study one more tool (Airtable).

Sounds like an interesting option to explore indeed.
Just to be sure, how exactly you see this: “use batch update using custom list and countdown to do updating”? Not sure I understand how to make it with Adalo’s functionality.

The reason I wanted to suggest Airtable (which you can use exactly as google sheets) is because Adalo has awesome tutorials on how to connect with the table, and there will be no need for you to update the records

Gotcha, thank you very much for the tip!