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Hello everyone,

I need help with data display on the next screen.

I created a screen ‘about you’ where you input data and then click on ‘create profile’. Then I linked in to ‘your profile’ screen but I don’t know how to display that data there. The only input data that gets displayed is a profile picture.

Here’s the app link: Coffee and Connect App

What am I doing wrong?



Hello, please make sure that the information is connected correctly to the database.

It is connected to user database and then I used magic text user: relevant info to extract and display that info.

I’m not sure I used he correct component. What component should I use to display text data on the next screen?

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Hi @AnnaMedic,

Where you store these data on the about us screen? Could you show us the actions added to the Create Profile button and the collection where these data stores with some screenshots or from a video?

If you create properties on the Users collection and store these data there you can display that easily as adding that properties from the Logged in user section from magic text on a text component. If you store these data on another collection you need that current data to be available on the displaying screen.

Thank you

do you happen to manage the additional information with a different DB?
I did a test, it passed me the username – then when I did ‘edit user’ and entered the other information it worked.

By any chance in step number 3 did you add a link to the ‘Create profile’ button to update the profile with the new information?
See screenshot to understand what I mean.
In my example I allow the user to update their profile later with optional info.

Omg I figured it out with your help! Thanks so much!
The problem was that I had two buttons and the one that updates the info and creates profile was invisible, so I created a different button but it didn’t do anything when I clicked on it. I then discovered that invisible button, made it visible and it updated the logged in user info and create the profile.

So happy! Thank you very much!


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Hi Dilon,

Can I share my app access with you so that you could help me solve a problem with my chat function?

I’m not sure where I made a mistake, I tried to fix it several times and it still doesn’t work.

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Sure! Add me to your app and Let me know the issue!

Are you able to make edits? I don’t remember adding you to the Collab team. What’s your email again please?

The issue is that the chat function doesn’t work. When I click on + action button it takes me to the list of members, then I am able to pick and member I want to chat with, and the chat screen opens. However, when I s Nd a message to that person it doesn’t get displayed on the chat screen, but it gets recorded in the database. I’m not sure what I did wrong. Can you pleas help?

Please find screenshots attached.

Many thanks,


Here’s the email :

Oh I still can’t add you. I thought I could add editors since I’m on a 14 day free trial at the moment.

Shall I give you my Adalo login details so you could have a look at the chat issue? Or are you able to help me here?

Sorry. Thanks.


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