Logging In Users of Different Categories + Displaying different properties on List

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I am seeking some advice on how to log in 2 different types of users. I am using the standard Log In/ Sign Up Button from Adalo Editor. I am attempting to build an app that involve 2 group of users. This means during the log in process, the user enters email and password( through the standard template) and after that instead of just clicking Log In, it need an additional step of specifying if they are let’s say a teacher or a student. The log in button that comes with the standard template with have action Log User In and put their email address and password in the pre- existing User Category. I changed the Log In Button to say, Teacher Log In and created another button called, say Student Log In to sign up the other group of user, but realized that under button action I have only “sign user in” available. How do I tell the system which database to sign in the user? Students Users and Teachers Users are in different Collection.

  1. Another question would be regarding displaying different components on a list. Let say I have Collection named Teacher in the database. There will be several records ( several teachers). Under Teacher I have 4 properties, say fav color, fav flower, fav beverage & hobby. Users can select a teacher on the Home Screen ( that has a list which I know how to create), and once a teacher is selected, a different screen with a list should display the selected teachers name , image and the 4 properties. These are all store in the database. I wanted to display the 4 properties in a list so I selected a simple list, with first item title displaying properties, Fav Color and subtitle displaying say the color blue ( depending on what it pulled from the Teacher Collection). 2nd item will display fav flower and so on. I realized that I can’t do that because when I use a list, all the item title will display one same property (from records of a Collection) , not different properties. May I get some insights on how to display different properties under a Collection in a list? In Other words, I am trying to display all ( or selected) the properties of a record in a Collection in a list. I watched the video on Customize list but didn’t find it related to this scenario.

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  1. I’d merge the two user tables ans have a yes/no flag if they’re a teacher. Then, after login forward them to the Home Page, which is an empty page with a 1s timer (hide it by reducing size to 0 and removing border). At the end of the timer, do a conditional forward to the home page to teacher or student, depending on the yes/no flag.

You need to do this selection on the home page, because all logged-in users are sent to that page when they close & reopen the app, no matter what their role is.

  1. I think what you need is a custom list, showing only the record of that teacher. In the list, show the properties as you like them. Everything is only shown for that teacher because you limited the list to him/her.
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If I understood you correctly, you were suggesting to have just 1 type(1 category in database) of users but they will be distinguished by a flag status. Please allow me to explain a little more: the reason I have 2 separate groups of users is because these 2 groups of users have different properties under their own category.

Also, I am not understanding why a “delay” ( the blank page with 1s timer) is needed as you mentioned earlier? Why wouldn’t the status of the flag forward the user to the intended page? Disclaimer: I am not doubting/ questioning your logic, I am asking because I don’t understand how this works, I am very new in this :slight_smile:

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If you users have different data, depending on their category, you could add two tables for those users with the applicable fields and refer back to the users table to link to the user. But, with regard to possibilites of Adalo, I would just add all the fields to the User table so they’re readily available under the Logged In User.

Well, in hindsight the timer is not really necessary. You can just add actions to the empty homepage that directs the user to the right page, depending on their role. If you would want to show a page that says “directing you to the right page”, then you would add a timer (so the page is visible for aone or more seconds) and perform the conditional “Link to” actions when the timer ends.