Meet one of the hidden gems of Adalo

On today’s nocode meetup we had the honor of meeting @Santiago

You might not know very much about him, but he’s probably making the most complex apps I’ve seen on Adalo!
He’s in the process of uploading his apps to

@barrettnash , @Emeka and I could not believe what he’s building on Adalo in such an efficient manner.


Thanks for inviting me to be part of Today’s call and thanks for the good vibes! It will be a pleasure to publish some of the templates, ideas and solutions in nocodeshare so that everyone can use them…

I am passionate about creating projects and the details in the visuals!

Here I leave a small sample of the Mobile version app


This is awesome!

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I love that looks amazing what other temp do you have?

Hello, I have apps for reservations, orders, ticket sales, online wallets, market places, many more that we will upload in NOCODESHARE…

Are the in there right now?

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not yet, I’m making updates since the apps will be in English and Spanish… I’ll be posting on the forum when they’re ready!
Here I leave you a preview of the one that I am going to publish first

That’s amazing yeah let me know if I can get access to your portfolio I will def be buying from you

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Looks amazing but not what im looking for but when you build something im looking for i will def buy

And what are you looking for? I’m going to go up little by little… depending on what you’re looking for, I’ll see what I have, I’ll edit it so that it can be cloned and I’ll publish it

lets start with what do you have how many apps have you made? just examples of what you have and ill see if i need any of them and we can go from there

I have made many apps, orders ( any kind of product ), ticket sales, real estate, virtual wallets, barbershops, shift reservations, well-being evaluations app, furniture assembly app and some more… I have many ideas made sketches, only the visual part is missing … feel free to tell me what you are looking for

I would love to see the barbershop app. Im looking maybe for a B2B apps or like a fitness app i have an idea for. Another idea would be like a fintech kind of app possibly

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OK great … I have barber shops (user panel, admin and barber), I also have fitness to book shifts or see online routines, only those who have the quotas up to date can see them, otherwise the system takes them to the shopping cart to update again …

I am finishing editing them because they were in Spanish and I will upload the templates

Im looking for a fitness where i upload all the exercise and via what they use and then they can click and it will make a routine for you

I have a routines app… the administrator publishes the routine according to the category and level of the routine… the routine can be loaded with exercises (loaded in the database) or else with a dropbox or yotube link that can be see inside, once the user sees the routines he can see the ones he has already done … the visibility of routines can be Free or with visibility depending on the conditions that the payment is made … the basic version will be published in about 2 approx days

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let me know when you are done cuz i cant wait to see it

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I already have it ready, I’m passing it to English so that everyone can use it

sounds good just let me know how i can see it

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