Multilanguage support

Hi, I have 41 screens to translate into 16 languages. The best solution for Adalo seems to be so far that my app has 656 screens and every change/update needs to be done 16 times every time.

Does anyone has some new tricks to use, beside:

  • pragmaflow that’s not in the marketplace anymore
  • some Telegram merchant from Adalo forum (big red flag for me)
  • that someone pointed out in here
  • Google API that run 16 actions every time (actions cost in Adalo from some point)
  • someone made translation collections, where every asset was 1 word or sentence. I would have hundreds of them by this method

It seems that Flutterflow has mastered this and maybe this is the point where it’s worth the extra mile to convert to other service as there are several years inactivity from Adalo on this matter?

Hello, The bad thing about Flutter is that it connects it with Firebase (or another backend with high monthly costs) but Firebase charges you even for breathing without being able to control your monthly cost… if your architecture is bad, prepare to pay thousands of dollars monthly , the learning curve is slower… Adalo is improving month by month and they only charge us for actions, and if you are good at developing the flow of the app you can save a lot…

Not flutter but flutterflow. Made by some ex-flutter guys. Also no-code app builder, API, etc. But still - only way to use multilang, compared to Adalo in my case. Correct?

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