Randomiser bug?

It seems as though the randomiser component will sometimes work & sometimes not work.


Once a user signs up, they are sent to Home 1, home 1 contains randomiser component and generates membership ID (4 numbers).

Once they leave home 1, they can no longer go back to it, instead they go to home 2. This is to ensure random membership ID isn’t overridden.

Sometimes when a user signs up they’re given an ID, sometimes they aren’t. Can’t work out what I’m missing here so can only deduce that there’s a bug with the component? Anyone else having similar issues?

Screenshots attached.


Hi, can you try to create a modal window with a successful message ?, in that modal window you update the user info. Make that modal window with the manual close button by the user. In that way you can give time to Adalo to update all the info in the databases. You have to give some time between creation and update process in Adalo.

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Interesting, I’ll give this a go.

This doesn’t explain why it sometimes creates a membership ID & sometimes doesn’t though.

This still doesn’t work sadly.

Can you try using code (6 digits) from the randomizer component ? it’s working for me

Why do you have the randomiser set as a screen action on the home page rather than as a second action after the signup? Actions are performed sequentially, so once the user is created, you will be able to update that user on the very next action. Perhaps try that and see if it works :slight_smile:

How do I add it as a second action? I thought the randomizer component was only triggered by screen action (hence why I made two home screens).

I tried to update logged on user as an action on the sign up button but I can’t reference the randomizer component. I have tried using RAND 999,9999 as a formula in the ID record but this hasn’t worked upon testing.

Hi Colin,

Sorry to hassle you. Any ideas? ^

I bypassed the randomizer component altogether as it has constantly proved itself inconsistent and therefore useless.

Instead I recommend setting an automatic field on sign up form & using the RAND formula, much easier.

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