✨ New Feature Templates

Hi Makers!

We’ve launched several new templates since the initial launch of our Feature Templates.

Today, I want to show off TWO of our newest: Forum and Manage & Purchase Events.

After collecting LOTS of feedback about the most needed feature templates, these two were big winners.

First up, Forum. While this might be self-explanatory since we’re on a forum now, this feature template comes with everything needed to create your own forum inside your app. Organize posts by topic, moderate posts and responses, and update posts. This feature template comes with specific permissions for Admin users, too!

Check out the walkthrough here.

Next, Manage & Purchase Events. This feature template comes with all the actions, collections, and screens to create an enjoyable browsing experience for businesses, organizations, schools, etc. to market and sell tickets for events they host.

See what the Manage & Purchase Events feature template looks like here.

Both of these feature templates are available as strictly mobile apps or as responsive apps. Find them in our feature template marketplace today!