🥁 Introducing: Feature Templates — done-for-you features in Adalo!

We’re on a mission to make creating an app more effortless than ever before. While creating an app with drag & drop components certainly simplified the alternative (cough cough, building an app with code) — we thought we could make it EVEN easier.

:door: Enter Feature Templates.

Feature Templates are the first-of-its-kind way to add select features to your app without the monotony of dragging in components, styling those components, hooking up data, linking screens, and more, and more, and more. Instead — each time you use a Feature Template, it all is done for you!


We’ve taken the redundancy out of making an app, and we’re only just getting started.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Select a Feature Template from our Listings in the Feature Template Marketplace
  2. Select if you’d like to add collections or use existing collections
  3. Choose whether or not you want sample data (hint: with sample data, you’ll be able to see the feature work right out of the box!)
  4. Then voila!

:thinking: What happens behind the scenes?

We add collections and properties necessary to make the feature work and all the screens & linking actions! Whether you have other screens in your app or you’re starting from scratch — we’ll do a lot of heavy lifting for you with feature templates.

You can connect multiple feature templates to create an entire app experience or pick and choose just one new feature to complete the app of your dreams — it’s up to you!

Check out the list of feature templates available now inside Adalo’s Feature Template Marketplace or find them in our help docs.


Doesn’t seem to be in my workplace… is it only for new apps?

Hi @Fr-Eudes ,

It is available under-responsive app i.e, Adalo 2.0


I don’t feel leftover at all… :pleading_face:

I appreciate you guys trying to add to Adalo. At this point though, anyone who has been working on Adalo for more than a year or two can easily make a template that is more robust and has better aesthetics than these, in very little time. Where you should really be focusing your efforts is components. Your component marketplace even lacks some of the simplest components for apps, like a magic background that perfectly conforms to the size of the screen, or a calendar component that is selectable…


Agree. And how about the video/image components. We desperately need auto-compression, more file types, cropping, etc. I get the most complaints around the video upload process in my apps.

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