Markdown Render Preview Works - Testflight components disappear

I switched my normal text display to a markdown text box on one screen.

Since doing that, none of the components displayed below that text box have appeared properly in testflight on this one specific screen. They display properly in Preview but exporting to Testflight, anything below the markdown disappears.

Is this a known bug? I’m over here deleting, readjusting, rebuilding, recompiling this app more than 15 times trying to figure out why this isn’t working together with other components displayed below it anymore.

I just removed the marketdown render text box and switched it back to a normal text box to see if that fixes it. But I’m waiting for Adalo’s compiler to finish.

Any insight is appreciated.

Once I removed the markdown text component, my other components appeared.

I’m a bit disappointed. Is there any fix for this? Is it a setting I’m missing?

@Adalo_CXTeam I saw you were considering responding. Is this already being looked into or do I need to submit a support ticket? Is this something the team has time to look at in a reasonable amount of time or is it a component I should leave out and move on from?

Thank you.

This seems to be an issue with the “Markdown Render” component. You can contact the developer for information on why it would not be working in iOS. Not using that component until you get a response would be your best course of action.

Thank you for the response.

I don’t think I’ll be contacting the developer.

To be clear, my expectation as an Adalo customer is that the items offered directly in the Marketplace are supported by or at least vetted by Adalo and are working components.

I understand you’ve explained that you don’t provide support, but when it’s something I can download directly from the editor and didn’t go outside of Adalo to import, my impression is that these are supported by you and are not installed automatically so that my app isn’t unnecessarily bloated.

It’s a disappointing experience.
I spent a good amount of time struggling with this component because I assumed if it was offered, it must work and I was doing something wrong.

I hope at least this forum thread helps someone else avoid hours of troubleshooting.

To be clear, the component works and displays. But the components added anywhere below the markdown render component on the page disappear.
More than likely, some sort of close tag in the code was missed or something similar. Only a guess.

Thanks again and best of luck.

To follow up, I removed all other components one at a time and it’s only the Markdown Render component that causes this.

If you place the markdown render component as the last item on the page, it doesnt appear to cause issues but I dont know if it’s affecting other code running on the page (say, actions that load after visual elements etc).

If you notice any other issues with this component that people might need to know about, would be appreciated to post so everyone can keep track of the limitations.

it’s too bad, having text that could be formatted was nice.
Going back to text without formatting is painful.

Following up with more information:

Only components with any visibility condition set on them below the Markdown Render text are failing to show up.

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