NEW ISSUE: User login information is lost on return/reload button

We were getting submissions and payments from people with no name, no email, no information other than their payment. In order to fix this I added a Action to the Home Screen in order to send them to the Login page if “Current User > Email = Empty.”

This is causing a loop for users now because every single time they change pages or reload or leave and return it is losing their user data. And therefore asking them to login again.


Web app: GreenToGo: Dinner Club

Hi @derekalanrowe,

Just to check - are you using current user or logged-in user for user login check?

I don’t have any info about your app, but in most cases logged-in user should be used.

Also, as I understand, there is some glitch with users autologout-ing (at least in some of my apps), so that may be it could be the reason…

Best regards, Victor.

I am using “Logged-in” user. I don’t see an option for Current User.

Yeah I don’t think the problem is coming from my “Logged-in user Email = Empty” code. The problem is what triggering that code…

Why is their email empty? Why are they allowed to get to the “Home” screen at all with an empty email field. (email is required when signing up.)

Right now I can go to the site, sign up, login…then hit reload…and clears all my user information.

Any ideas?

Hi @derekalanrowe,

I see. Was just double-checking.

Sorry, I think I’ll not be able to help here :frowning:

I would advise to submit a support ticket: Submit a Support Ticket

Most probably it is a bug which could be fixed only by Adalo team…

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @derekalanrowe, I’ve checked through the app and I was able to signup, login and browse through the app without any issues.

Are you and your users sitl experiencing this problem?

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