User Data Base and action when visit page

appreciate any feed back i can get on any or all issues i’ve been having… thank you

User Data Base and action when visit page both stop working since week.
My user data base has been bugging. its not loading or its missing users since last week. has anybody experienced the same or similar issue and is able to fix ?
same goes for action when visit this page. user log in and send auto email with verification that’s need to complete registration. it was working fine and it suddenly stopped working last week. worse part, doesnt matter what i do or how i correct it, it doesnt work.

i’ve noticed when upload app onto test-flight, certain things dont get uploaded.

another thing i’m having a hard time correcting is, my log shows on the bottom when uploaded onto test flight but it shows in the middle like how its supposed to when i preview on adalo… anybody know how to fix that?

thank you

I haven’t encountered your exact issue, but some of the pages on my app suddenly lost linked data out of no where. Pages that previously had linked data, like current user or current listing, seemed to lose it. I thought maybe I somehow triggered something to disrupt data flow, so I began removing links to buttons and pages altogether, then relinking them…hoping to find any type of fix. But, no matter what I do, one crucial admin/manage page that gives data on page visits and other analytics for business owners just shows no value for all fields/metrics. I spent most of yesterday trying to figure it out but had no luck. I’m hoping that I’ll just log back in at some point and it’ll just be fixed magically.

I hear you. its frustrating when problems occur out of nowhere without a solution. hopefully we both can sort them out soon…

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