Notifications in the chat about new messages / how to do?

hello everyone, appreciate your help, i can’t make notifications of new messages between users, who already did or know how to do it? I have a chat room with each user and display chats on a different screen, I want users to see a notification or icon about new messages that another user sends them. please share

Hi @TonyS,

So you want a badge to show when that user has new messages right?

This video made by Victor will help you! : Adalo hints: chat app enhancements - YouTube

And this topic will help you too! : Read status changes on ALL screens? Help!

Thank you

already studying, thank you

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Hi @TonyS ,

You need to have additional collection which is read status, this is where the count can be compared to get how many new messages after the last read status.

You can try to experiment that with chat template, it is when you add new app in the editor.

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Yes, I did exactly that yesterday and it worked for me. but now I want to make this notification on the home screen by copying the visible icon, it did not work for me. how to make now the status of unread messages on the main screen? or show the number of unread messages?

Is it using a many to many relationship property or another collection like Yongki mentioned?

yes, but I don’t understand how to make new messages visible outside the chat, on the main page

You mean show a list of new messages that user got or the red icon? Is it possible to share a video showing what you did currently? ( you can use Loom )

Pls I need answer to this. I am not able to display the red badge for new unread messages. Please how do I do that?