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Please help, I want to create a new client within the app, and at the same time send it a provisional password so that it can download the app and connect. I have done it through a form created by me and an action to create a user, but when I want to connect said user, the message “This account must use a different login option” appears, please, how should I do it?

Hi I’m struggling with the same thing, I don’t believe we can set default passwords, I think this is where it throws up that message? I Had to create a temp password field for new users to use, then another screen for them to change said password before they login.

This feels cumbersome the way it’s implemented tho

Try using a custom action with the Adalo API to create the user instead of a “sign up” action. This requires a custom form made with inputs and a button (a regular form component cannot perform custom actions).

Hello, I did it in an app in this way… in the admin panel I put a button that is create user… Name, email, password… when I click on create, I integrate with sendinblue that sends an email to the new user user welcoming him and telling him your email is: name: and password … then he can enter and edit his profile


1 thing I forgot to mention if you sign up a user with the API… An added bonus. You can return the internal Adalo database ID from the result of the API call and store it in a number parameter for a unique user ID #.

But absolutely do everything else that @Santiago said with the sendinblue email and such.

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Maybe with integromat, now Make, is my favorite program to automate?

My problem is when you create the user, Adalo sign in this user…

Hello you must do it with inputs …
nn input for mail,
another input for password,
another input for Name
and one that is text: password so that you can send it to them, otherwise you will not be able to
and a button … the button must have the action create user and the action of sending the mail to the user

if you want to create a random id you must put a rand and save it in a collection that is id

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DO NOT use the “sign user up” form for this. First, you have to set a “temporary password” field in your users database so that you can email the new user their temporary password, additionally, you need a true or false field called “needs to change password”. Next, you NEED TO create your own form using text-inputs and buttons. The button should have an action called “create new user”, and should set the users “password” AND “temporary password” to the same thing, as well as select “TRUE” in the “needs to change password field”. When this field is marked as “true” your splash screen should link them to a new page where they have to change their password. Once they change their password, it should also change the “needs to change password” field to false.

In my apps, the first action on the splash screen automatically links to the change password screen. My splash screen has 8 actions on it that work every time, so you don’t need to worry much about this.

Once the Admin user taps the “create new user” button (or whatever your button is called), there should be two actions. One will create the user as stated above, the second should send a custom sendgrid dynamic template email with the users temporary login credentials. Sendgrid is free and there are a few youtube videos on how to link it with adalo.

I personally use this in 2 of my apps and will continue with this process in the future. It’s important to know that you dont reallyyyyyyy need to have a new temporary password for every account. I personally use something like “Temp123456” for all users to sign in with. Technically you can use a custom formula and dynamic text to change this but in my opinion it doesn’t necessarily matter because all users with “true” checked in their “needs to change password field” will not be allowed to enter the app until they set their own password.

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This option is also great, but if you don’t want to configure many things, you can write that information in the mail… Hello, NAME, we send you the data so you can enter the app

Email: …
Name: …
Temporary Password: (Name)123

We recommend that once you enter the app, go to edit my profile> change password!

Thank you very much … you can also do something like that.

In Adalo you can always reach the same goal in different ways, everything depends on the knowledge of each one and the desire to investigate ways to achieve it!