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Using Food Truck Template. And I need to have 5 different users. 2 Users are Food buyers. 3 users are Food Providers that need to sign-up with different details. All databases are made with form details unique on signup but only the original user in the template (1 food buyer) is recognized as a user type - which affects the login.

  1. What steps/buttons do I use to give each of the 5 user types a way to put in their password? As the database form does not allow that option off the bat.
  2. Similiar how do we add phone number to businesses who are not users (as Food truck template pre-built.
  3. What steps do I use to create a general login page that appeals to all audiences (with a simple login/password (this means they don’t need to login in with all the details they plugged in to sign-up but still recognizes the type of user and directs them to the right page).

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Could you please share screenshots of how you have things set up as I’m certain the defaults are not being used here as these would already be answered by the default forms.

Have you first tried following our getting start tutorials? I am sure they will answer the basics and get you on your feet in no time at all.

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I solved 1 and 2 by making all businesses as users with a general sign-up page - after they are directed to their create an account page. And there’s a database setting that identifies type of user.

For 3 - I’m just double checking but the login page has a sometimes visible for a button that directs people to their business account pages.

For 3 to support different home pages for users.

  1. Create blank screen that all Logins will go to
  2. On this screen create sometime actions for the Screen on entry, that check for the User type, such that
  • User Type 1, will be directed the User Type 1 home etc.

I hope this is what you are looking to accomplish.

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Awesome thank you! If I have any questions when I give it a go I’ll ask/reply.

I followed this:

But I am not sure how to make it visible to more then 1 group/user. Short answer could just be make more then one button that has the visibility condition for the corresponding group/user.

Or you can create a Roles table, so that a “Role” has the following permissions “can create”, “can edit object” etc.
Then create a relation between the user role and the Roles/Permissions table.
Test the visibility on the permission instead, much easier to manage.

Screenshot 2020-10-01 220427


This worked perfectly! The first screenshot it really helped - Fully appreciate it. Did it in less than 5 mins for all of the accounts needed.

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