User Ownership when submitting a Form

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I have two databases (users and lists), which have a many-many relationship (a user can have more than one list and a list can have more than one user). I am now trying to add the user who creates a new list by using a form as first owner (afterwards I want to give the user the chance to add other users to the list). However, I can’t find any possibility to do so (automatic field does not show the user field in the form).

What am I doing wrong here? What would be the correct steps?

I hope my problem is more or less clear, if not I am happy to explain more in detail.

Thank you!

After the Add Action you will need an Update Action. From here you can Add the logged in user to the relationship.

Depending on your flow, you may need an ‘Update form’

So it is a two step process.

Good luck :+1:

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Perfect, thank you, Rozza!

I added a second action to add the user and that achieved exactly what I needed, thanks again :slight_smile:

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