Project tracking app that sends information back to an airtable base

I’ve been trying to find the best way to a make a project tracking app that sends data back to an airtable database.

I’m fairly unfamiliar with Adalo, so wondering if this is even possible.
I want to be able to select a project from an air table database, track how long I work on the different tasks and then send those timings back to air table again. Is that possible with Adalo?

Yes it is certainly doable. There is even a progress bar component available.

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Any progress anyone on this ? i worked on a project connecting the airtable to create and update list ( external collection via airtable api). It worked beautifully importing the airtable list . however when i try to update or create a list , there is no response. So , the communication from airtable works great but back to airtable doesnt work for me. when i hit the submit button the action doesn’t complete at all. i am not sure if this is the issue with the servers not communicating back well or i am doing things wrong. I followed the tutorial by makerpad step by step. link below:
Tutorial: adalo and airtable api link

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Are you using the PUT or the PATCH command on your external db? We have many tutorials you can follow on airtable, located here in our docs:

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