No confirmation email after support ticket

Hey everyone,

Has anyone had issues submitting to support and not getting an email confirmation that it has been received? In the past, I always received something letting me know that the ticket was properly received via email. I think there might have even been a ticket ID.

Basically, when I try to create an android build or publish to the web I get an error and the build fails. Does anyone else have problems with that?


I can only guess that Adalo is in cost cutting mode.

I didn’t get a welcome email, nor receipt emailed when signing up for a paid plan.

Adalo has made changes.
Some good, some bad, many questionable. It is what it is.

I did encounter it. I don’t agree with it. I don’t have a problem with it.

I do have a problem with paying this much money, and not being able to change the line-height of a text box & having sub-par web app performance…

confirmation emails are a nice to have. Any company with taste and funding should do it. And it should certainly take priority over playing with Ai, and considering dark-mode…

but, hey. that’s just me and my dumb opinion.

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