No video preview in Android app

Thank you. So, why does it work on previewer?

Hum… :thinking:
Can you please make a screenshot of your player configuration (the Poster Image URL field)?

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@lottemint can I suggest a component to create. :blush::blush:

In short, you need to send to the Plyr component such URLs:

  • Video URL
  • Poster Image URL - that’s an optional one. If you keep this empty, there is no image shown before a user plays the video.

@lottemint for this field I putted the current video - Video (file property)- URL.

But not working @lottemint .

Is it wrong?

Here, you need to send a link to an image, not a video. For instance, try this one:

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It’s working @lottemint . @lottemint my users have access to upload videos and how do I put that video URL for this ?


So, in that case, you need to ask users to upload two things:

  • Video
  • Poster/Cover of the Video

Sure. Here it is with an app as preview. Please let me know.

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Yeah I thought about that but @lottemint I want like that YouTube. Not required to upload a thumbnail.

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@lottemint I also set like this.

Not sure why it works there. You should attach the link to an image, not a video.

Yeah, I know. The thing is that YouTube has a background workflow that automatically creates the poster image for a video. The Plyr component doesn’t support that.

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Ah ok. Then I will add a field to upload the thumbnail. It’s good. Thanks for the information @lottemint :blush: :+1:

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It worked even once on my app with shorter video. Strange.

So there is no option to enable that?

This is useless, none user will upload thumbnails. Do Instagram require that? You’ve got the answer.

I didn’t Post anything still in Instagram :grin: :grin:. So I don’t know about that Dawid.

But Dawid then how do I upload auto thumbnail from that video? @lottemint said not supported.

I see your frustration. The problem is that you need to handle it on the video uploading step. Plyr component or another video player just plays a video.

So, you need a kind of another component that uploads a video and generates one or a list of images randomly grabbed from the video.

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