NoCodeMonkey still active? [update: seems like yes :) ]

Hi all,

Does anyone know if NoCodeMonkey @Micheal is still active?
I like his components, and looking to getting a few more. But only if they are actively maintained.
His last post was on the 17th of december 2022…



Hey, yep he typically releases plugins every 2 or 3 weeks. Most of Michael’s stuff now is in the Adalo component store within Adalo. Not gonna lie, I have nearly all of them as I like to support Michael and what he is doing … really supplements Adalo. They work very well and they are maintained. I don’t find very many bugs in them either … the odd time that I do I send onto Michael and he usually actions the fix. So yea, highly recommend.

That is awesome to hear! Thanks
Yeah I have a few of his as well. Just wanted to be sure that he was still at it :sunglasses: