A Stackoverflow for No-Coders

Hello everybody!

I’m excited to share my first no-code project: A Stackoverflow for No-Coders✨

No-Coders currently only have the specific platforms forums (Bubble, Adalo etc.) to ask questions. I wanted to create an independent place where we can all come together. Would love to hear your feedback! If you got No-Code questions please create a post and I’ll make sure you will get an answer✊

Interested to know how I built it👇


It’s a good start.

Some feedback:

  • From “Your Posts” I can’t use the browser’s back function because it will loop back forcing me to sign in. I see you have an “All posts” button, but it’s not intuitive. Maybe try different locations for that button that’s more obvious and calls the eye’s attention.
  • Same things happen with other links where it takes me to sign in. Using the browser’s back function loops back to sign in.
  • If I’m only interested in Adalo, I would like to see a way to filter the noise and only see posts related to Adalo.
  • The account icon is not showing up on my side (Brave browser).
  • From the “Sign in” page, the logo can be clicked, but clicking on it does nothing.

This is really nice! I love the design!

Suggestion: add a back button on the post page


Wow, thanks so much for all the feedback and all the hunting!

  • I haven’t even tested the back button :speak_no_evil: thanks for pointing it out!
  • Regarding the filter for Adalo you could type it in search as it also checks the categories, but indeed it’s on the roadmap
  • Good catch on the sign in!

Thanks for it! Yes good point :muscle:

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Awesome Work Alexander! :star_struck:

And Welcome to the community!