Not able to get logged in user>following> posts option

Hi everyone i am new to Adalo, i am working on a new project and i am struck with a doubt i.e
I added a card list in home page, where it has to display the logged in users> following> post. But in filter its showing only All posts and logged in user posts, its not showing logged user >following/ followers> posts option. While clicking on more option its showing in loop.
And i created the followers and following components in database perfectly. Please help me with this
Thank you

Hi @Dheeraj,

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You should see that filter on the more section! If you don’t see that can you add some screenshots of your Database and that list filter section or maybe showing this from a video?

Thank you

Thanks for the response
These are the screen shots please check it.
Thank you

Thanks for the screenshot!

You can select Logged in user’s > Followers > Posts > All and not Logged in user’s > Followers > Followers > Followers.

Ok thank you so much

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