Show only posts of those a user is following

I searched the forum with no luck.

For my list, I want to display only posts that a logged in user is following.


What is this a list of? / Bulletins

Filter / Logged in user / Following (I don’t see this part)

Hi @mikebos671 ,

You can create Many to Many relationships in users’ collection by the name of following, then give the option to follow each other on the front end, you can watch this video in order to create follow functionality using the active state button - Achieve the selected active state effect in Adalo - YouTube


Thank you. I appreciate the reply. Have a good day.

@mikebos671 problem solved?


I’m only able to show a list of logged in user bookmarks and logged in user saved posts. I can’t display a list of posts created by users that are followed. The Posts screen is the first main screen in the app. It is a list.

Also, here I can only display a list of logged in user favorites, but not users that are followed.

The only thing that solves it is if I create a blank screen and start over, but the problem is that so much work has gone into designing my screens that starting over with a new blank screen isn’t really an option I’m willing to take - but I may not have a choice. My fear is that this will all happen over again.

My app is a social network, so I have a lot of screens linking to the same screens all over the app.

If you have any suggestions I’ll dig in some more. Thank you.

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