Not required field shows as required

On my ‘edit your profile’ page, i set all fields as not required, but when i go and edit a profile, i just edit one field and it says email field is required even tho i set it as not required.

Hi @nilson,

Is it possible to add some screenshots or a video of your setup and preview?

Did you try deleting the form and adding it again?

Thank you

Thanks for the reply Dilon! I deleted and readded the field and still nothing. Please find screenshots attached and let me know if you need anything else.

Hi @nilson ,

I can confirm this is the current behavior.

Email is an important information in the users collection, and it should be unique and not empty.

Empty email can also be interpreted as logout user.

What is your use case, for eliminating user’s email content ?

Hi, I’m not trying to eliminate it, this is the EDIT your profile page. If you only want to change your profile pic, it shouldn’t say that email field required, we already have your email, you’re just editing something else on your profile.

The email will be filled in by default anyway since user is logged in. only if user empties that field, then there is an issue.

You can always separate profile pic from the form. In some cases I add a profile pic with the icon camera.

When user clicks it, it opens a modal for an image picker, where user can update just the profile pic.
Then in bottom, you can just add form with rest and email not visible.


So, you are saying that whenever you have form that have email inside it and when you click update, it says email is required, even the email content is there ?

Yes exactly, it is updating a logged in user so email is already there.

Can you show me how to do that? I’m new at this stuff. What do I do after adding the cam icon? I did that and added an action which is to update logged in user’s profile pic but it won’t open the image picker.

Add Link back in the submit button.

perfect thank you that did it

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Hi Nilson,

I’m sorry for not getting back! I saw that Yongki and JL already helped you! Your problem solved right?

Thank you

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All good then?

I made some tests and the issue here in the “Required fields” is that some fields even if you remove “Required” they generate the error. Email and Password are an example of that. If you remove those from the form, the form will work properly with all fields set as “Not required”.

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