Not running in preview

I am making a very simple app, no logins or nothing like that. Have a homepage with a button link to a menupage with some buttons to be linked to further documents. In the preview I can click the button link, and the menupage comes up, but empty - no buttons - only a amall circle wheel indicating its working. No content comes up even waiting for a long long time. What can be wrong?

Hi @Lractbird ,

Please submit a ticket with all the information for the issue you are seeing and we’d be very happy to look it over. You can submit a new ticket here: Adalo | Support Ticket.


Thank You. I have tried other solutions that works for me. I think that it was an understanding issue on my part. And still is. I think I yet don’t understand how to use lists and components that are conected in a list. Further reading, I think, is needed. The list, I think, were waiting for input, or something. I work around it. The app I am creating is just a simple place to store information that our members can go in and read when needed. When finished and approved and working, we will upgrade to a payed version.

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