How do I create notification badges for events?

I’d like a dot to appear on a task bar icon when users have new messages/ events.
I have this working for friend requests thanks to a likely popular YouTube video but the events don’t have the same inner workings as the requests so I’ve been trying to make the dot visible when the amount of items on the “Event” list is larger than the amount when they last checked.

Is there a way to make this happen? I’m open to a better way as well since currently if I were to succeed with my method, I’d still be messing up the list counts when the event’s time has passed (The list only shows events that have an end date later than the current time).

Any ideas or further details I can provide?

If you use relationships between users and events, you can use ‘count’.

For example if you want to notify unread messages, you can have an icon sometimes visible if > logged in user > MessageNotReadBy > count > is greater than zero

Using relationships for chat notifications was covered in one of Victor’s videos (i think this one Adalo hints: chat app enhancements - YouTube)

You could apply this same sort of setup to other events.


Thank you for your reply! It really helped me solve my issue thanks! :slight_smile:

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