Push notifications a day after user signs up

I’ve been trying to do this for days. And for some reason I can’t find that many topics on notificatiosn in the forum. I would highly appreciate it if you guys could guide me on the following.

I want to send notifications to ALL users who signed up on the day after they signed up.
I know I need to use Zapier. But before I get to zapier I am not sure how to set up scheduled notifications inside adalo. I mean the timing part.

Thanks in advance.

Hey, I would use Abracadalo. I use it and it works well. Regarding the timing part, or the delay (+1 day from sign up) you can use Zapier.

You cannot, delay or set up scheduled notifications in Adalo without a 3rd party service such as Zapier, Make or Abracadalo. For Zapier:

  1. In Zapier you set up a Trigger When New User Created in Adalo by linking Adalo App to Zapier,

  2. Set a delay in Zapier by adding a new step for +1 Day from User Created Time Stamp (follow this guide: https://help.zapier.com/hc/en-us/articles/8496288754829-Add-delays-to-Zaps#delay-for-0-0)

  3. Link Adalo Notifications API in as your last step of your Zap. Add your message and title, and this will run after your delay as specified in step 2 of the Zap.

I believe Adalo made a video on this a while ago, some bits may be outdated now as I can’t remember what it covers exactly: Scheduled Push Notifications - YouTube

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