Simplest way to send an email notification

Hi, All:

Looking for the simplest way to send an email to a user.

Some people use SendGrid, some use Intergromat (now Make). I don’t work with APIs much so I don’t know a whole lot about them now, so just looking for the simplest approach.


Hello, I use sendinblue… it allows me to send 300 messages per day.

I’ll check it out, thanks!

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Having some issues setting it up.

Getting this error, the marked out part is my API Key.

I placed the key in the “name” field and left the other field blank.

See if this works for you…

api-key ( your api )


Just so i’m on the same page as you.

Like this:

Also for the api - that goes in the ‘name’ field correct?

Hi Bobby,

Where do you put the API key? You need to put your API Key on the api-key Header’s Value.

This video made by Victor can help you :

And after setting these things correctly you will still get a error that like Your SMTP account is not yet activated.

Then you need to contact Sendinblue to activate that for you! Here’s a topic created by Santiago : Sendinblue: Your SMTP account is not yet activated

Thank you

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I’m using Sendgrid and it works great. No issues and set-up is fairly easy (when you follow tutorials) :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Adding a Nice Tutorial made by the Adalo Team!

And another one that I know is Adastacks!

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Hey @Bobby

I wanted to share with y’all that @Abracadalo has taken email API a step further to offer a very fast and easy solution to creating quick “templates” which you can edit within Abracadalo instead of within the custom actions. This has been much faster for me to modify the content and layout of the emails.

I even had a client sign up and they’re having a much easier time managing the emails that are sent. I set up everything for them, they just wanted to be able to change the content of the email on a month-to-month basis.


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