Will push notifications work between two apps that share a database?

I have two apps that share a database. (One for iOS and one for Android)

Is it possible to send push notifications from an iOS app to an Android app via trigger notifications?

Yeah of course it does.

When configuring the notification, in the screen section, choose more app : the other app name and choose the screen

like that

Thank you for your reply.
It is very helpful.

So does this mean that I need to set up two trigger notification actions so that I can send notifications to both users using the iOS app and users using the Android app?

Can i ask why you are using two app not one?

Thank you for your reply.

The two reasons are as follows

(1) When the app asks the user for a review, it transitions to a different app store for each user’s OS.
(2) To fix the difference between Android and iOS, since Android displays larger font sizes than iOS.

If you have two completely different apps in Adalo, then the answer is no. I don’t think it’ll push across apps (but happy to be proven wrong here!).

My recommendation is to never run two different apps. Using @TKOTC’s device detector, you can see what device the user is on and trigger actions accordingly (i.e., which app store they should visit).

Thanks for the advice.

I see, it’s better not to separate the apps (editors) for iOS and Android.
This is very helpful.

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