Notification Sharing Possible?:: From App-A to App-B if both Apps are using same Data-Base!

Hi Adalo Community,

I have had a bigger App, and I have divided it into a user part (App-A), and Admin part (App-B), while both Apps are using the same Data-Base.

My required target for better speed (screen loading) is achieved. But I have a pressing issue.

Previously admin actions were able to generate Notifications, which were targeted for user-part (App-A), now I want to ask if admin on App-B will be able to send notifications to users on App-B? The only supporting point is that both are using same DataBase.

Highly appreciate your feedback on this.

Yes, this is possible since they share a database. This is exactly what I did for the THC Girls app but it’s actually broken down into 3 apps: 2 user-facing and 1 admin-facing app.

1 mobile app, 1 desktop pwa, and 1 desktop pwa for admins.

We use the admin PWA for all of the things that admins need, like managing users, processing orders, etc.

@Flawless thanks a lot for the confirmation. Really appreciated.

As a actual step, can you guide me how it works. Like for a single app, I will just generate the notification and users will get the notifications.

But how we can send notifications to users using App-A, from App-B.


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