Notifications... Is this not possible?

Hiya guys, is this not possible to get banner type notifications? I tried with the built in solution but nothing happens on the user end (Yup using a native build)

Any thoughts/solutions would be awesome!

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@pford, I know you have some notification stuff through Adastacks. Could you help him?

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Hmmm. You want to make sure you are logged into your app as two different users when triggering notifications. You cannot send a notification to yourself, even if logged in on two different devices.

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Hiya yup tried, I updated both to the same build as well.

Question, could this be a TestFlight limitation with iOs?

Curious what you wrote, could be of help…

Do you have the “Request Notification Permission” action somewhere in your native build?

I asked if you could notify all users, but thought it didn’t work. But you can and it does.

Edit: also notifications are working for me on my app in TestFlight

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Yup on the Home/Landing Screen, it does ask for permission which I just verified.

Question, do members have to be part of a “Group?” Does this Collection need to have a relationship to users?

Ahh yes I’m trying to notify all users, I’ll double check and maybe try one user. This is what I have on my submit form

Mine has “all users”, not sure if that is different to “all members” that you have set.

Also, I have Home Screen set as the screen.

Yeah members on my end means “users” le sigh, I thought this was going to be the easiest thing I would do in Adalo, been stuck for hours now…

Update, I knew it was going to be something simple :expressionless: just leaving this for anyone in the future. The Screen must have something selected In my case it was the current screen…


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