Notifications on a mobile app from a web app

Hi, All:

I am building an app for a client, they want the users to have a mobile app, but their internal staff use a webapp.

I have built both in Adalo and they share a database, but when I do an action in the webapp that should send a notification to the mobile app it doesnt seem to. If I do that same action in the mobile app, it does send the notification to the app.

Is there a way to send notifications from a web app to a mobile phone?

Hi Bobby! If you try to use Adalo push notifications from Web App to the native one, will not work. I suggest to create a notifications collection in the database and make the system as “Scheduled notifications” (there are some videos how to do that) and use Zapier to send notifications. Maybe @Victor can help you more.

Did you manage to find the solution to this as I will run into the same problem?

No need to that, it’s completely doable from the webApp and no need to scheduled notifications… Saying that from personal experience

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Hi @njimmy10!
Thank you for your answer. So can push notifications be sent if I use a dashboard, for example, and the user uses a native application?

Yes of course

Can you explain because it does not work for me.

I have a web app built, almost the same as my native app and it does not push any notifications to the native app.

It will not work if you try to use Adalo push notifications from the web app to the native app. I recommend creating a notifications collection in the database, setting the system to “Scheduled notifications” (there are videos on how to accomplish this), and sending notifications using Zapier. Perhaps @Victor can assist you further.

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