Notify of an update in the APP

Good evening, is there any way to send an email to all users who are registered in the APP to notify them of an update? or what other way would there be to notify them?
Thank you.


Email, from your third party email provider (mail chimp, sendgrid, brevo). You will need an API call to the Adalo collection to get all user emails. Or add each email to a csv list, or to the email providers contacts API. There are many ways to approach it.

You can also send Push notifications to All users. It’s easy to do this. Just check the Adalo documentation.

Hello, you can simply send them a trigger notification once you publish the new update.

Thank you!

And how is the step by step procedure to do it, I am inexperienced and it is hard for me to do it.
Thank you

Why not just download the user table as a csv and upload them as contacts to your email provider.
If this is something you need to do a few times a year then don’t over complicate it by spending time on building a process in Adalo.

If you really want a solution in your app
Choose an email provider and read their API docs and help files. Build this kind of form in the youtube vid, then you’ll have the skills to move ahead.

Push notifications

The problem with relying on push notifications is… only users who have given permission for them will receive the update notification.

Forced update
There is a method for forcing an app update.

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