Push Notifications: ALL USERS or Signed In Users? HELP!

Okay, I so am trying to get my app set up where I can send push notifications to all users on my app. My app does not have account creation, people just download and use. So in this case, how can I send push notifications to all iOS and Android users?

From what I’ve seen, push notifications are a MAJOR weakness of Adalo. So if this is not possible through Adalo, can anyone direct me towards a method to do it perhaps through Firebase or Twilio or something?

If a created account is required by Adalo, is there any way of automatically creating an account for a user as soon as they open the app? Like every first open of the app just creates a random id and logs that user in through that method.

Actually I think I’ve got the app now to create an account and log the user in based an a randomized UUID.

You can have a look here: Notification API | Abracadalo API Handbook

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Thanks for this. Looks interesting. I’ll test it out

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