Can see other users entries

I made a mental health journal app and while people can save their entries, other peoples entries show up in other peoples accounts. Please help! Jess and Kelcey are different people.

Hi @Kelceymarie,

Filter the list Logged in user’s>Entries.

Thank you


Thank you, is there a way to notify everyone that they need to update? A push notification I can somehow send

Hello @Kelceymarie,

@dilon_perera Solution has to be done on your end. No changes need to be done on the user’s side.


Thank you so much for the video!

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I think no. But for future I think you can add a button in a screen and show it to the Admin only. ( You can create a true/false property and make it true going to the database for your email) And the action for that is Trigger notification.

You can add the Recipient to Users>All.
Title like new update.
body like update the app.
screen any screen.

Maybe this video also helps you.

Your Welcome!

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