Number of logged of Xano external

pohlavie_id = gender_id
muž = man, žena = woman


What are you trying to achieve exactly? Your first USER id is not an JSON array, but a sort of String Array, it is parsed and flatten. The second is a JSON array.

I would like to achieve a function that will count the amount of people attending the lessons and also dividing the people into gender. Example: Anna, Mike, Tom, Stephen, George = Female 1: Male 4

How can I create the number of free places on the lesson? Example: available places for 10 women : 10 men and Anna, Mike, Tom, Stephen, George want to attend the lesson. That means there are still 9 women :6 men places available to attend for other people.

Where do you have your “Gender” registered? Different Table than the event tables?

Mmm I would do it differently.

In your video, you are calling the Events table and joining the users to it, it is doable, but adding too much complexity for 2 simple counts.


If my Events table would be all users RSVP to that Event, you could just do a Simple GET with all users.

Note that my XANO ALL is a simple connection to a GET request (Displays all results), but Adalo works nicely with these “built-in Filters”.

Then apply simple counts with filters:

Just a sample with User database, but same principle can be applied to Events:

Male and Female Example


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thank you very much.

I probably solved it :upside_down_face:

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