Performance compared to last year?

Hi all,

Honest question: how is the performance of the native apps (especially android) as compared to last year.

I paused development on Adalo apps last year, because performance on Android was just too bad to serve to users. iOS was fine. Also ran into so many bugs while developing that it just took the fun away.

I still love the basic premise of Adalo and love the magic when it does work!
For all who you who stayed the whole of last year and are running somewhat complex apps in production: is the change significant as opposed to a year back?
Would love to come back :smiley:



Android is lightning compared to a few months back.

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Android builds are finally usable. Of course don’t expect blazing speed on a 5 years old phone, but in modern devices it’s just fine now. Way better than one year ago.
But generally builds on iOS run much smoother.

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Thanks Rozza & Eugene.
That’s very encouraging to hear! Will try a few rebuilds :upside_down_face:

Come back, its great. I recommend you read through the forums for tips and hacks/tricks on how to make your app fast.

There are many things you can do to optimize the performance of your app, starting with screen designs, and click actions logic all the way to asset loading (images/photos) and the Database Design.

In my opinion, Adalo is super powerful really. At this point, our MVP is just as good as fully developed working product (for our use case). Yes - at some point we have to develop it ourselves. But that could be a year or two down the line. And we are still learning every day about our customers needs.

I love Adalo - I can make iterations super fast and go out and test it with users then launch it to the public. All within few days!


I think it still greatly depends on the phone model, like it was said. Performance has improved a lot in the last year for both iPhone and Android, but in not-so-recent Android models I think it’s still not enough.

As an example, one of my apps has 5 stars in the App Store and 3.9 in Google Play.

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Iphone performance is great. Android still has work to be done, so much so that I have used design versions to design my android builds differently. But, it’s great having design versions!) and all the other features recently added. Adalo has made some serious strides in the right direction so I’m optimistic Android will get there as well as more sleeker transitions like swiping to delete, sliding between screens with finger gestures etc. Those are my personal little gripes, I know everyone has theirs but all in all I use Adalo pretty much for all my Apps !

Thanks all for the extra feedback!
Lets try again :smiley:

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