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I am trying to validate user login. What I want to happen - after hitting login button user is sent to the home screen. I have a sometimes action on the home screen which looks at the login input and compares it to the user record in the db. I have tried various combinations without success. In the image you can see I am comparing the amount paid. I would rather it simply looked at whether the person logging in has been approved or not, but that option isn’t available.

Create a boolean “Approved” property on users collection. Whenever that happens, you change that property to “true”, and you use that property as the condition.

Hi Charles,

Thanks, that was my thought so I have already done that, plus I added an ‘has paid’ together with the ‘approved’ which has always been there. However, I am unable to target any of these in the action for some reason?

I have screenshotted my options for you


Hi @Chapperzzz,

In the conditional setting, the first field should not be a “Logged in User” (because with this you are comparing the record itself).
It should be Logged-in User → Paid. And then you will have a True/False option to compare.

Here is the screenshot of the top field setting (with other property but the principle is similar):



Thanks, all sorted now.


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