Optimize list with multiple filters


I am working on projects which have to show a list based on multiple filters. Here an easy example (not what I work on, but easy to understand). Let’s say you have a product search. You have 3 mains filters: categories (cloths, objects, whatever), sub categories (Pants, shirts, tables, …) and location (let’s say you have different shops around the country).
With the current filter system, if one of the three is not filled-up by the user, the list is not showing. How to work this around? I believe I can create 2, or 3 time the list with different visibility parameters but it doesn’t sound safe for the app stability. Other ideas?


I think for now, this is the answer.

That’s a huge issue… Kind have 7 criterias so this is not sustainable at all :confused:

It’s safe and it works fine.

To give you an example, I have a screen with an app that has over 20 visibility rules in it.

There are no issues when using the app. It loads just fine according to the criteria.

Really? Isn’t it slow for loading?

I have the inputs and lists on the same page and people can change in live. Also have to make two columns with similar criteria but one for premium stuff. A real pain to manage the design (it a web project).

Thanks for your feedback

Not at all.

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