Options are not coming in magic text

Hi Everyone!!
In here when I clicked the magic text the categories,levels ,questions options are not coming.
this is not a list component.
I created that with this components.
So I created the database and I added the categories,questions,levels but not appearing in the magic text options.
What should I have to do?

Hello everyone!! Can someone tell me what should I have to do?

You need to make it a list (three dots > make list) and show the information in the list for the magic text to show up.

Oh Ok Thank you @James_App_Maker

@James_App_Maker I have another question . So when I create so many screens and so many logic does my app slow down? And when I publish my app to the stores and I want to update the app. So what should I have to do for update my app? And when I upload moving images to the background does my app slow down?

When you publish your app to the app stores, any data that you update or create it will show automatically in the app. If you are updating the UI etc, you’re going to make a new build then your users update the app.

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