Order an app on our website

You can order applications on this site. Prices and all other information are on the site :

Is it supposed to look like this? Just a heads up, I’d never order an app from a developer with a landing page that looks like this. My guess is this is a glitch or something! You could always sign up for a domain and have adalo land on that domain page.

5 Screens 3€?

This application is a simple app but I have some examples of things that I have already done:
Youtube clone : Rease
Bereal (in build) :
Tinder clone : YLOVE
Instagram clone (light version because it is a private project) : Red-flag

I know that I have very clearly abused the prices I will lower them thanks for the feedback

I’d consider an actual landing page if you want people to purchase your designs… I won’t even sign in to a user’s page until I’m able to see a portfolio of their designs! Good luck with all your designs though :slight_smile: