OTP Authentication

Seems this question was asked before but not able to find a working solution. I am evaluating Adalo and was able to send SMS notification using Adalo/Integromat/Twilio but looking for OTP authentication on user login or register. I believe Kaigal did a custom implementation and wondering if this is a standard offering given the number of requests for more than two years.

I think I have cracked this thing. I tested in “Run Once” mode and is working as expected. This is what I did in case anyone else is interested.

  1. Create a separate collection (Call it “Login activity”)
  2. In the login screen, add an action to create a Login activity record with an automatic field of verification code
  3. In Integromat, listen to create records for this collection and send a SMS using Twilio

Trying to figure out how to change the login screen on “Send OTP” to show an OTP input field. Will update this thread if I find a way. This should accept the OTP and if it matches, should login the user.

I am jumping through hoops to get this working ad this shouldn’t be this difficult for a no-code platform. Disappointed Adalo doesn’t have this feature as a standard offering.

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