Fields from Custom Action are not available in screen

I could create a successfully Custom Action called “Places Details” (Google Places). The Custom Action is triggered “When a user visits the screen”.

This Custom Action creates two fields/data, “formatted_phone_number” and “website”.

But both fields/data are not available in the screen to be used.

On the image above, it shows a “Google Places - Find Place” option, but it comes from an External Collection I also have.

Am I missing something?

Hi @rafaelroseira,

You can use custom action’s outputs in the subsequent actions in the same flow after you run a custom action.
Unfortunately you can’t use custom acitons’ results if you put it as “on-screen-enter” action. Workarounds are:

  • call custom action before you going to this screen and store the results somewhere
  • call custom action using countdown timer and store the results somewhere.

In both cases you need a place to store the results - it could be either some property in Users collection (and you use Logged-in User to access it) or it could be a record in another collection.

Hope this helps.

Best regards, Victor.


@rafaelroseira as Victor said, it an issue of data linking for custom actions.

You can simply connect the created details record to the loggedin user and use the details on the screen as a list of one item maximum, sorted by creation date:

Action set up as you like, just add a one to many relationship (details belong to one user, user can have many details):

list set up:

but this will keep all records in your database; you should probably add an action to delete it somewhere in the flow if you don’t need the info later.

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It helped a lot Victor. Thanks.

This way Adalo works, based on workarounds, sometimes is a pain in the butt. There are some features that the platform already provides, but for some reason they are not available when we want. If we have the Custom Action data to be stored on a database, why we can’t use it in a field? Another thing that makes me crazy is External Collection vs Custom Action. In Custom Action, we have a JSON Body and the Input features, which are not available in External Collection. So, I can create a perfectly functional API with Custom Action but not with External Collection.

Anyway… thanks a lot for your help.


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Thanks for your help Hanan. It helped a lot.

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